About the Show

They Called It Rock.

THEY CALLED IT ROCK is the story of how rock & roll music and the power of the radio sparked a youth revolution, influencing social and political change for young people living behind the Iron Curtain. This high-energy rock musical, with a narrative told through legendary music, electrifying choreography, and lush video projections, explores one young man’s quest for personal freedom and self-discovery.

The time is the 1970’s during the crushingly oppressive Cold War era. The place – somewhere in Communist Eastern Europe.

A young man flagrantly defies the regime by publicly listening to a forbidden shortwave radio broadcast. He is targeted by authorities and must flee. Escaping into an abandoned warehouse, he finds a blaring radio spontaneously scanning Western frequencies from across the globe. Afraid that the music and voices will tip off his pursuers, the young man reaches to silence it….

Suddenly the world of rock & roll explodes around him, taking him to a spectacular new realm where freedom exists in the music.

But the young man discovers that liberation also has a darker side as he is transported from possibility to possibility: from the bliss of young love and the strength of community to the lure of the drug culture and the horror of war.

With his newfound awareness comes new responsibility, carnal desire, and finally true love. And in the end he must decide if he has the courage to rise above his fear to make his mark in the real world.