Denys DrozdyukDenys Drozdyuk

Denys, the 2010 winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, was born in Ukraine.  He was a 3-time World 10 Dance Champion (Junior II-Youth) and is currently a 2-time US National Ballroom Champion with his dance partner Antonina Skobina. Denys and Antonina are also Rising Star winners at Blackpool Dance Festival. Denys holds a BFA degree in Dance from the Juilliard School and an MA degree in Dance Education from New York University.

Anastasia DanilovaAnastasia Danilova

From Ukraine, Nastya was Ukraine Youth Latin National Champion and Amateur Latin National Finalist. At the International Championships in England, she was Under-21 Latin Champion, and at England’s prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival she was an Under-21 Latin Finalist.  With her partner Pasha Stepanchuk, she is a two-time U.S. Open Champion, Empire State Champion, and US National Vice Amateur Champion.

Natalya FridmanovitchNatalya Fridmanovitch

Born in Siberia, Natasha was Siberian Champion of Latin Ballroom and 10-dance, Vice Champion in Ballroom formation at the World Championships, and finalist in numerous National and International competitions. She was a Quarter Finalist in the prestigious International Blackpool Dance Festival.

Maksim KapitannikovMaksim Kapitannikov

Born in Moscow and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Maks was in the Top 18 on So You Think You Can Dance, Season 5, and was a finalist in the US Nationals Professional Rising Star Championships.

Nikita MalakhovNikita Malakhov

Born in Latvia and raised in Montreal, Nikita has been dancing and competing since the age of 6, representing both Canada and the USA at numerous world events, including competitions in Ireland and China.  His TV credits include the Canadian version of Dancing With The Stars, and he was ranked in the Top 18 male dancers on So You Think You Can Dance, Season 7.

Pavel StepanchukPavel Stepanchuk

Born in Ukraine and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Pasha and his partner Anastasia Danilova are two-time U.S. Open Champions, Empire State Champions, and U.S. Nationals Vice Amateur Champions. He was U.S. Youth and National Latin Finalist, and Ohio Star Ball Under-21 Youth Latin Champion. Pasha appeared on So You Think You Can Dance, Season 7.

Antonina SkobinaAntonina Skobina

Born in Ukraine, Antonina studied ballroom dance in Ukraine, Germany and England from the age of 7. Antonina is a 2-Time US National Ballroom Champion together with her dance partner Denys Drozdyuk. Antonina and Denys are also the winners of Blackpool Dance Festival in the Latin Rising Star Category, which is world’s most prestigious ballroom dance competition. She is also a winner of all the most prestigious dance competitions in the United States.

Artur Tarnavsky

Born in Ukraine, Artur is a Junior World Champion, 3-time Junior International Champion, Youth World Champion, 3-time under-21 Blackpool finalist, and UK Rising Star Vice Champion. Since coming to the United States, he has made all major international Latin finals.

Nadezda VlasovaNadezda Vlasova

Born in Russia, Nadya started competing in ballroom dance at the age of 8. In 2005 she was ranked 3rd in Youth Latin by the St. Petersburg Dancesport Federation. In 2011, Nadya and her partner Nikita Malakhov won 1st Place at the Tri-State Challenge Championships held in Stamford, CT and were finalists at the Mid-Atlantic Championships held in Washington, DC.

Paul ZablidowskyPaul Zablidowsky

Paulie Z is a different kind of American idol. At night he rocks the stage at venues nationwide with his powerful voice and guitar playing, while fans keep shouting for more. During the day he spends his time teaching and performing music for kids. Paulie’s energetic stage presence helped him succeed in both fields, and he eventually formed the Z Brothers, a band solely devoted to performing music for young children, and ZO2, a hard rock power trio. He spent the next decade recording four albums, touring the country with his childhood idols KISS and Poison, and eventually starring in his own TV show on IFC called Z Rock. Paulie has also had his own podcast on iTunes called The Paulie Z Show, created a worldwide music program for toddlers called Rockin’ Railroad, and started a non-profit organization for elementary school students called Rock Asylum Foundation.

Paul McGillowayPaul McGilloway

Paul is an Irish lead guitarist and solo artist currently based in Manhattan. He introduced the new 2014 Corvette Stingray in Detroit, performing live at the multimedia car reveal. He is bandleader for The Arlene’s Grocery house band and the SNL After Party Band 2014. Paul has preformed with many major stars, including Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) Adam Levine (Maroon 5) and Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) to name but a few. He is endorsed by Gibson Guitars & La Bella Strings.